How much delicious fiber are you getting in?


Which of the following are you most likely to have for breakfast

scrambled eggs with a couple of sausage links
a bagel with cream cheese
a smoothie with your favorite fruit and maybe some spinach or kale tossed in
a bowl of instant oatmeal

You make a delicious soup for lunch and want to add a topping to boost the fiber amount of your meal and leave you feeling more satisfied. You choose:

1 ounce of whole flax seeds
1 ounce of grated mozzarella cheese
1 ounce of almonds
1 ounce of chia seeds

You’ve read the above study and some other literature and have decided to start including more fiber in your diet. To do this you:

Start taking fiber capsules daily
Add a tablespoon of metamucil to your glass of juice during the day
Start having oatmeal more often, even though you are not a fan
Eat more of your favorite fruits every day

Which of these words come to mind when you hear “high fiber?”

Broccoli, but I’ll eat just because it’s good for me
Broccoli, berries, sweet potato. And I love one or all of these

You meet some friends for dinner after a busy day at an Italian restaurant. You are most likely to order:

A small garden salad that you eat while staring longingly at your friend’s gnocchi/ cream sauce dish
The gnocchi, but you don’t feel so good about it
A Tuscan bean soup with a salad ordered with all your favorite vegetables
The gnocchi and you enjoy it without guilt