Work, posture, and your health.

When we practice self care as we work by being more in our bodies and standing/moving regularly, we are untangling those past habits of mindlessness, and I believe true healing then sneaks into all areas of our lives.

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Think back to yesterday. How much time did you spend sitting during work and during commuting to/from work?

less than 2 hours a day
2-3 hours a day
3-5 hours a day
>5 hours a day

While working, how often are you conscious of your posture?

(your head in relationship to your neck/shoulders, the distribution of your weight between your feet, engagement of your core, relaxed shoulders)

I take short breaks once in a while during my work day to stretch and/or check in with myself about my posture
I am mindful, AS I work, about my posture.
I don’t think about my posture while I work at all and/or I don’t take breaks. I’m too busy.

After your typical workday, you find that you are often:

feeling much more aches in your joints and muscles than at the day’s start.
feeling a bit of body fatigue and/or stiffness but in general, fine.
feeling great and just as mobile in your body as the day’s start.

If you had to work on a computer project for work, which of these two work set-ups would you prefer?

standing workstation
sitting comfy

Which of the following do you engage in regularly?

Safe standing in a public transportation vehicle (subway or bus for example) when you can instead of sitting.
More than 2 hours a day sitting while watching TV or browsing the internet.
Squatting or standing as an alternative to sitting for long periods of time.