Which yoga style do you need ?


Outside of yoga, what does your fitness/exercise regimen most closely resemble?

a) An hour or more of moderate to high intensity cardio such as running or biking, most days a week
b) Primarily weight lifting
c) Both a and b
d) Stretching-based exercises
e) Low intensity exercises like walking or gardening

Which of these aspects of fitness would you say is your WEAKEST link?

a) Strength
b) Endurance
c) Balance
d) Flexibility
e) Mind-Spirit-Body connection

What is your biggest complaint about yoga

a) That it is a solo activity
b) Too much chanting
c) Not challenging enough
d) It’s too challenging

Which of these yoga poses do you feel most comfortable practicing?

a) Handstand
b) Warrior 3
c) Pidgeon pose with bind
d) I don’t recognize any of these poses

Given free time, which of these options is the most likely way you’d spend your time:

a) Getting more work done
b) Meditating
c) Going indoor or outdoor rock climbing